Return policy

Return policy


We accept the following forms of payment: Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Money Orders.

Credit Cards

We accept the following credit cards: VISA and MASTERCARD.

Important Note:

First time customers are subject to credit card verification. When your credit card is authorized, your funds will be put on hold (pending) until the order is shipped. Once the order is shipped, the payment will be processed within 1 to 30 days after your date of purchase. If you would like us to expedite the collection of the funds, please let us know.

To Expedite Processing and For Your Own Security: 1.Your billing information must be exactly as it appears on your credit card statement (name on the card, billing address, and billing phone number). If any of the information you provide differs from your credit card records, a representative will contact you by phone or e-mail. The order can not be processed until we receive the proper billing information. To have your order processed quickly, you must respond quickly.

2. If your Shipping Address is different than your Billing Address, we are required to verify this information with your credit card company. As a result, your order may be subject to delay. Please allow 24 to 72 hours for the verification process. To help us expedite this, we ask that you register your shipping address as a “secondary address” with your credit card company. Be sure to mention the secondary address is for shipping purposes only. Please notify us as quickly as possible when you have added the shipping address so that we can finish processing your order.

Credit/Debit Cards You may pay using a Credit or Debit Card (VISA or MASTERCARD). Once you place your order, your funds will be put on hold until the hold is taken off or the payment is processed (which ever is sooner). Once the order is shipped, the payment will be processed within 15 to 30 days after your date of purchase, and the funds will be deducted from your account. Please Note: While your funds are being held, you will not have access to these funds until the hold is taken off. Holds usually last 3 – 5 business days; however, this may vary from bank to bank or credit card company. Please call your bank/credit card company to ask what their policies are regarding pending transactions.

Delivery Method

All orders are shipped out from our warehouse in Houston, Texas via UPS or USPS. Please note that UPS is not required to obtain a signature from the customer if the order is being shipped to a residential address. If you would like to request a signature requirement for your delivery, please mention it under “Customer Comments” before checking out your order. If your package has been lost or stolen, we will claim a LOST PACKAGE REPORT with UPS and start an investigation.


If you would like to make any exchanges or returns, the items should be mailed to our main headquarters in Houston, Texas: Exchanges and Returns, 40 Cypress Creek Parkway #194, Houston, Tx 77092. Please include a copy of your Pick Ticket along with further instructions. We WILL NOT accept any items that are not in the condition that you received them in, or if they are past 30 days after the date of delivery. If you receive any damaged items, please mail them back to Houston, and we will go ahead and resubmit your order. In rare instances, if your item gets damaged after following care instructions, we will have our Research Department look into it, and their decision is final.

Customer Service

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding our Ja Durre’ products, or your order. You can give us a call at 281-215-3782 or, feel free to contact us at